Sunday, November 23, 2014


Divorce Support

Newly Divorced Finances Newly Divorced Finances

Ways to Move Forward After a Divorce Read on...

Is the Misrepresentation or Concealment of a Prior Marriage Grounds for Annulment? Is the Misrepresentation or Concealment of a Prior...

Most jurisdictions don’t consider concealment of prior marital history to be grounds for an annulment. Here’s a look at how the majority rule breaks down on this issue and some exceptions that are o... Read on...

Go Out with a Bang Go Out with a Bang

Throw a divorce party to toast new beginnings! Read on...

Is It OK to Spoil Your Kids? Is It OK to Spoil Your Kids?

It's tempting to spoil our kids after divorce. What does it mean to spoil our children? What does it mean to love our children? Can we spoil our children with love, or is spoiling really about indul... Read on...

What is No-fault Divorce? What is No-fault Divorce?

Divorce has been changed from a moral action in which a guilty spouse is punished and an innocent spouse is rewarded to es­sentially an economic action. The focus has changed from proving fault in a... Read on...


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