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Divorce or Not?
7 Things To Ask Yourself Before Filing For Divorce

7 Things To Ask Yourself Before Filing For Divorce
By Charles Hofheimer

The decision to file for divorce isn't an easy one. You may feel sure about your decision to end the marriage one day, but have misgivings the next. While divorce is a deeply emotional issue, logic plays a role in determining your chances of making your marriage work.

Before filing for divorce, you should ask yourself these 7 questions that can help you better evaluate the health and viability of your marriage.

• Can you talk? Communication is key in any relationship. If communication has broken down between you and your spouse to the point where you barely talk, or your conversations frequently become arguments, it may be time to consider filing for divorce.

• Is there any spark left between you and your spouse? Relationships change, and no couple can expect to feel the same sense of excitement for one another as they did in their dating days, but in a healthy relationship, the feelings of romance, closeness, and sexual attraction won't completely die.

• Do you share the same vision? Sometimes, people with slightly different beliefs and approaches to life can make a relationship work. However, if your goals are extremely different from those of your partner, or if one or both of you have had major values shifts over the course of your marriage, it can lead to divorce.

• Do you respect each other? If respect has eroded, it can lead to cruel words and deeply hurtful actions from one or both partners.

• Do you engage in petty arguments? Before filing for divorce, many couples find that they are irritated by each other's idiosyncrasies and tend to nitpick and overreact to small mistakes and minor issues.

• Is there abuse in your relationship? Abuse is always a good reason to seek a divorce. Abuse can be physical, verbal, or emotional, and sometimes can lead to serious violence. If you feel threatened in your marriage, it's wise to obtain an order of protection and seek help from a domestic violence center before you file for divorce.

• Are you both willing to make the marriage work? There are many ways to preserve a marriage, but they all take the willingness of both parties involved. You may want your marriage to work, but if your spouse won't co-operate, you should be realistic and think about seeking a divorce.

Ending a marriage is never easy, but it's not something you have to face alone. Before filing for divorce, you should seek the counsel of a divorce attorney. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side will help you better understand the divorce process and make you aware of your rights as you navigate through this difficult time.

Charles R. Hofheimer is a focused, no nonsense, compassionate divorce attorney who has dedicated his practice to helping women in Virginia resolve their toughest family law issues like separation, custody battles and property disputes. Mr. Hofheimer cares about women's rights, the welfare and happiness of your children, and your financial security.

Mr. Hofheimer believes in empowering his potential clients, so he has written a divorce guide for Virginia women ( http://www.virginiadivorceattorney.com/reports/what-every-virginia-woman-should-know-about-divorce.cfm ) that he offers free of charge and his firm spearheads an informative monthly divorce seminar for women in Virginia ( http://www.monthlydivorceseminars.com/ ).

With a practice centered on handling only women's divorce cases, Mr. Hofheimer continues a lifetime passion for promoting equality for women in Virginia.

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